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TOP 11 Things to do Now to Stabilize your RAC Environment

asked in Troubleshooting by UNIRAC ACE (20,050 points)

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    1.  Apply the latest Patchset Update (PSU) to your environment
            Why?: Patchset Updates (aka PSUs) were introduced in and later versions as an
            improvement on the CPU patching strategy. PSUs come out quarterly, and include the
            latest CPUs, plus they also include other fixes that are deemed to be critical to the stability
            of your environment. If you are doing a new installation, you should always apply the latest/most
            current PSU as your baseline. For existing installation, a strategy of maintaining the environment
            with the latest PSU on a regular and ongoing basis is a must. Many issues that come into Oracle support
            and turn out to be bugs are known bugs and many of these are already fixed in the latest PSU.
            Note that on Windows, cumulative bundle patches come out more frequently, but the latest PSU
            fixes are included in the Windows bundle patch that is released during the quarterly PSU release.
     2.  Ensure that UDP buffers are sized appropriately
     3.  Set DIAGWAIT to a value of 13 on all 10.2 and 11.1 Clusters
     4.  Implement HugePages on Linux Environments
     5.  Implement OS Watcher and/or Cluster Health Monitor
     6.  Follow Best Practices for OS settings
     7.  Ensure appropriate APARS are in place on AIX platforms to avoid Excessive paging/swapping issues
     8.  Apply NUMA Patch
     9.  Increase the Windows noninteractive Desktop Heap
     10.  Run ORAchk utility
     11. Implement NTP with slewing option

answered by UNIRAC ACE (20,050 points)
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