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Corporate Real Time Training on Mysql 5.7 DBA by MNC Expert 12+yrs Exp

Call us for Enquiries : +91-9550720899 - Required 2014-2016 Passed out Candidates.

Mysql DBA 5.7- Online /Offline

The MySQL for Database Administrators training is designed for DBAs and other database professionals. Expert instructors will teach you how to install and configure the MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and performance tuning and protect MySQL databases.


We offer world class Mysql 5.7 DBA training at an affordable price of 19000Rs/-. With 19000Rs/-, you get 60 hours of quality instruction by our most experienced instructor.
However, for Corporate enrollment (2 or more students), we are currently offering a 10% discount
Online Trainings Offer at 290$ (19000Rs/-(INR)).

Course Duration:

Fast Track (15 Days)/ Normal Track(45 Days)

Course Contents

Real Time Scenarious by MNC expert - Job Oriented with hands on Practicals


Unix Installation

Exclusive Top Level Commands on Unix for DBA

Real Time Environment setup for Production/Development/Staging.

Introduction to MySQL

Describing MySQL
Listing MySQL Products and Professional Services
Describing MySQL Enterprise Subscription
Currently Supported Operating Systems
Describing MySQL Certification Program
Listing Available MySQL Courses
Describing Installation of MySQL
Describing Installation of world Database

MYSQL Architecture

Client/Server Architecture
MySQL Architecture Overview
How MySQL Uses Disk Space
How MySQL Uses Memory
The MySQL Plug-In Interface

The MySQL Server

Types of MySQL Distributions
Starting and Stopping MySQL on Windows
Starting and Stopping MySQL on Linux
Upgrading MySQL
Managing Multiple Servers

Client Programs for DBA Work

Overview of Administrative Clients
Invoking MySQL Client Programs
Using the mysql Client
The mysqladmin Client
MySQL Connectors
Third-Party APIs

Overview of Data Types

Data Types
Numeric Data Types
Character String Data Types
Binary String Data Types
Temporal Data Types
Column Attributes


Metadata Access Methods
The mysqlshow Command

Transactions and Locking

Transaction Control statements
Isolation Levels

Storage Engines

Storage Engine Overview
MyISAM, InnoDB, and MEMORY Storage Engines
Other Storage Engines
Choosing Appropriate Storage Engines
Using Multiple Storage Engines
Storage Engine Comparison Chart

Data (Table) Maintenance

Table Maintenance
SQL Statements for maintenance operations
Client and Utility Programs for table maintenance
Table Maintenance per Storage Engine

Security and User Management

Security Risks
Security Measures
Access Levels, including: 1 - User Accounts, 2 - Databases, 3 - Tables, 4 - Columns, 5 - Stored Routines
User Account Maintenance
Client Access Control
Using Secure Connections

Data Backup and Recovery Methods

Planning for Recovery Backup
Backup Tools Overview
Making Raw Backups
Making Logical (Text) Backups
Backup Log and Status Files
Replication as an Aid to Backup
Backup Method Comparison
Data Recovery

Introduction to Performance Tuning

Using EXPLAIN to Analyze Queries
General Table Optimizations
Setting and Interpreting MySQL Server Variables

Introduction to High Availability

MySQL Replication

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