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Best institute for Golden Gate Training

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1 Answer

Oracle GoldenGate is a log-based, real-time change data capture (CDC) software platform that moves high volumes of transactional data between databases with very low latency, and allows logical data replication. A typical environment includes a capture, pump and delivery process. Each of these processes can run on most of the popular operating systems. You can replicate all or a portion of your data, and you can even manipulate the data within any of these processes not only for heterogeneous environments but also different database schemas.

The Oracle Golden Gate product can be used in conjunction with Oracle Golden Gate for Non Oracle Database and/or with Oracle Golden Gate for Mainframe in order to achieve heterogeneous replication to an Oracle database from another third party database or from an Oracle database to another third party database.

The license for Oracle Golden Gate includes the ability to capture database transactions from Oracle Database and deliver database transactions to Oracle Database. It also includes a full use license for Oracle Active Data Guard, and a full use license for XStream. Note that the capture and deliver features of Oracle Golden Gate work with

any edition of the Oracle Database, while Active Data Guard and XStream require Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

answered by UNIRAC ACE (20,050 points)